Legal Notice

1. Definitions

The service provider of the website is MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. (hereinafter MO) domiciled at Avda de los Reyes, s/n P.I. La Mina (Madrid) and with Tax Code (CIF) F28465193. The company is entered in the Company Register of the General Register of Cooperatives of Madrid, volume IV, page 364, entry no. 11.

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This Legal Notice regulates the use of this domain.

Use of this website implies acceptance by the User of the terms and conditions of use included in this Notice as well as our policies on 'Data Protection' and 'Cookies Policy'. Should certain services contained and/or tools offered via this "Portal" require the application of specific conditions, these will be made available to the User.

MO also advises Users that the contents and services of this website, as well as the conditions of use, may be modified without prior notification.

2. General Conditions of Use

The User undertakes to provide true, accurate and complete information about their identity in the sections whose access requires Users to register. Furthermore, the User undertakes to keep any personal data provided to the domain owner up-to-date and is therefore solely responsible for any false or inaccurate information that may be provided.

Please note that if you are a minor you must obtain permission from your parents, guardians or legal representatives in order to access the services provided. MO shall not be liable in the event such data are inaccurate or false.

The "portal" may only be used for legal purposes. Consequently, the User undertakes to make lawful and honest use of the portal and to abide by these General Conditions of Use, not to use the services of the "portal" to carry out activities that may be against Spanish law, morality or public order, assuming all liability for any damages to the owner of the domain or third parties that may arise from illegal or impermissible practices. Such practices, by way of example and not limited to the following, are:

Manipulating or altering this page without the prior consent of the owner of the domain, the owner of the domain not assuming any liability that may arise from such manipulation or alteration by third parties.

Performing any act that may damage, render useless, overload or deteriorate the Portal and services and/or prevent their normal use and utilisation by Users

Introducing and/or using computer programs, data, defective files, viruses, malicious code, computer or telecommunications equipment or any other, regardless of their nature, that may cause damage to the Portal, to any of the services or to any assets (physical or logical) of the domain owner's information systems.

Violating the rights of third parties to privacy, self-image, data protection, secrecy of communications, intellectual and industrial copyright.

Hiding or falsifying the origin of emails

Using false identities, impersonating others when using the Portal or any of its services

Reproducing, distributing, modifying or copying the content of this page, except with the authorisation of the domain owner or when legally authorised to do so.

Passing on usernames and passwords to unauthorised third parties

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In general, the domain owner shall not be liable for damages of any type or nature that may arise from use of the website, as well as any damages arising from the infringement of intellectual and industrial copyright by users and/or the content not being true, accurate or up-to-date, nor may it be held liable for any interruption of the service, inadequate operation or inability to access the service.

The domain owner shall not be liable for any damages caused by the presence of viruses or any other harmful software that may cause alterations in the User's computer system.

The website, including but not limited to its programming, designs, logos, text and/or graphics, is the property of the provider or, where applicable, are licensed or authorised by the authors.

Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, their total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution or commercialisation requires, in any case, the prior written authorisation of the domain owner.

The user undertakes not to carry out any act against the intellectual or industrial copyright of the author.

The website provider expressly authorises third parties to redirect directly to specific content of the website, in any case requiring them to redirect to the main website of the provider.

3. Use of cookies

As service provider of this website, MO declares that it uses automatic procedures to collect information in order to keep a record of the Users visiting its website. Click here to access our cookie policy.

4. Data protection

You can consult our personal data protection policy in the following section .

4.2. The SELLER shall not answer for damage that arise from improper or negligent use of the PRODUCTS, or for any intentional damage or handling by the CUSTOMER or by any third party.

4.3. If the CUSTOMER were entitled to return the product supplied for the reason set forth in point 4.1 or for defective production, it shall notify this by e-mail to the SELLER within the maximum term of seven (7) calendar days as from receiving the products. Within this term, the CUSTOMER must notify the SELLER in writing of the invoice number, the product data, the error or damage and the affected units. After this term, the SELLER shall not accept returns of products that are defective or supplied by mistake.

4.4. The return of PRODUCTS that are defective or supplied by mistake shall be carried out within the maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days as from notification of the defective lot. The return shall be made under the same conditions as the CUSTOMER received the product (including the packing and other decorative elements, case corresponding to the collection, without marking, protected in its bag in the case of defect). In returns of frames, the whole piece, frame with its corresponding case, shall be sent. Otherwise, the unreturned element shall be charged according to rates in force. The SELLER shall examine the returned product and shall notify the CUSTOMER whether its replacement is justified.

4.5. The replacement of PRODUCTS, as the case may be, shall be carried out as soon as possible from when the SELLER notifies its conformity.

4.6. Expenses incurred by the CUSTOMER in returning the defective products, when such return is reasonable, shall be reimbursed by the SELLER, provided the SELLER has previously approved them in writing. The SELLER shall not refuse approval of the return expenses if they are reasonable in accordance with the habits and practices of the sector and they are no greater than the value of the returned PRODUCTS.

5. Industrial and intellectual property

5.1 The SELLER guarantees the CUSTOMER that the PRODUCTS it provides do not breach any law, right or third-party interest referring to industrial and intellectual property and, as the case may be, that it possesses the corresponding industrial or intellectual property licences.

5.2 By signing this agreement, the CUSTOMER does not acquire from the SELLER any right over brands, trade names or logos, or over the designs of the PRODUCTS, which shall remain property of the SELLER.

5.3. Nevertheless, the CUSTOMER may use the brands which identify the PRODUCTS for the sole purpose of their promotion and publicity, to the extent necessary to comply with the obligations hereof, ensuring the inclusion in every brand reference it makes of the PRODUCTS that it is a registered trademark and that it belongs or has been licensed to the SELLER. Any advertising or mention that the CUSTOMER may make regarding the SELLER'S trademarks must be previously authorised by the SELLER, always in writing.

5.4. The CUSTOMER shall abstain from: Altering, copying or imitating the trademarks or designs of the PRODUCTS, or using them in such a way that modifies them in any way or may be used to identify products other than those provided. Using any of the SELLER's trademarks as part of the corporate name or business of the CUSTOMER.

Requesting or registering as a trademark or domain name, in the TERRITORY or anywhere else, a name or brand similar to or the same as any of the trademarks or domain names of the SELLER.

6. Confidentiality

The CUSTOMER undertakes, without any time limit, to keep any information of a technical, scientific, commercial or financial or of another nature secret, as regards the SELLER, this agreement, its execution or as regards any of the PRODUCTS to which has access as a consequence of this contract.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1 The SELLER's liability is limited to the PRICE paid by the CUSTOMER for the PRODUCTS. Under no circumstances shall the SELLER be liable for loss of profit, loss of income, costs for inactivity or, in general, any kind of losses that the CUSTOMER may incur as a result of non-delivery or faulty delivery of the PRODUCTS.

7.2. This limitation of liability shall prevail over any other document or declaration, previous or subsequent, which is contradictory or incongruous hereto, unless such provision limits the SELLER's liability to a greater extent.

8. Taxes

Any tax not included under these terms and conditions shall be paid by the CUSTOMER. In the event that the SELLER, at its sole criteria, pays any tax, the CUSTOMER shall reimburse its cost to the SELLER.

8. Data protection

The CUSTOMER is a physical or legal person acting within a professional activity or business. Accordingly, the CUSTOMER's identification and data, or of his representative, provided to the SELLER for compliance with these Terms and Conditions, shall not be considered personal data pursuant to sections 2.2 and 2.3 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December. Nevertheless, in the event personal data was obtained and processed, the CUSTOMER authorises the SELLER to obtain and process it. In this case, the SELLER shall have the rights of access, rectification and cancellation provided by law.

9. Notice

Notice served between the Parties shall be carried out in writing, including email, to the addresses of the SELLER stated in these Terms and Conditions and the addresses of the CUSTOMER stated in the form for registering as a CUSTOMER or on the order request. Jurisdiction and applicable law The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid. Nevertheless, the SELLER may, at its choice, bring the CUSTOMER before the judges and courts of the capital of the country where the CUSTOMER is domiciled.

This agreement and its legal effects shall be governed by Spanish law.